Tequila Flights

blanco flight                                                  22

a selection of un-aged tequilas (can be aged up to 2 months)

espolón blanco ~ cabo wabo blanco ~ casa noble blanco


reposado flight                                            26

a selection of tequilas aged 2 months to a year

gran centenario reposado ~ fortaleza reposado ~ don julio reposado


añejo flight                                                    30

a selection of tequilas aged from 1 -3 years

corralejo añejo ~ corzo añejo ~ el mayor añejo


lowland Flight                                          29

tequilas from this area southwest of Guadalajara, surrounding the town of tequila, generally have more stone and earth flavors

herradura blanco ~ chinaco reposado ~ partida añejo


highland flight                                               30

tequilas from this area, northeast of Guadalajara, have more fruit notes to them. higher altitude and rich red soil produce a larger, sweeter agave.

chamucos blanco ~ corazón reposado ~ el tesoro añejo


mezcal single village flight                       36

del maguey mezcal derive their flavors from a single village microclimate

chichicapa 7,000ft ~ san luis del rio 8,000ft ~ tobala 8,200ft