Bring the Heat on Colder Days

Habanero, Chile Powder, Chipotle oh my…

Fall starts out beautiful, but somewhere in the middle it just turns on us.  The days get shorter, it gets colder inside than it is outside (because we all try to wait until mid-November to turn on our heat, right?).

Lucky for us (and you) Southwestern Cuisine has a way of warming the body and soul. These are our 3 favorite spices and you’ll find them sprinkled in many of our dishes.


Habanero is a variety of chile pepper that is classified as “exceptionally hot” or “the world’s hottest”. Well, maybe a close second to the Ghost Pepper. But Habaneros are so hot that you should wear gloves when cutting and cooking with them. Lucky for you, we do that for you. Try our classics like the Fire Roasted Pork Loin with a Habanero Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce or the Oven Roasted Organic Chicken with Peach Salsa and Habanero Mustard Sauce.

Chile Powder:

Ok, we’ve all used Chile Powder in cooking right? Chili, for example. Can’t make it without Chile Powder. Well, we have 3 words for you.  Chile Dusted Frites. We serve ours with Cotija Cheese.  Nuff said.



Made from a smoked, dried jalapeno pepper, chipotle adds a smoky but milder kick to any dish. If you’re not into sweating while you eat, chipotle may be a better choice for you.

Now come on in and get some HEAT!