3 Ways to Spice Up Your Brunch

Let’s face it, we all love brunch. From the scrambled eggs to the a.m. cocktails, brunch is more than just a meal…it’s a social event. When friends or lovers get together for brunch, it undoubtedly leads to the “best day ever”.

So, instead of the same old soggy eggs, bland pancakes, and mundane mimosas, why not add a kick to your brunch with these three ingredients:


Sausage is a staple at brunch.  It gives you something to absorb the cocktails easier, serves as a protein for you paleo eaters, and it just down right tastes good.  Give those frozen Jimmy Dean links a rest and take your sausage game to the next level with chorizo - a spicy Spanish sausage made with dried, smoked red peppers.

Add it to an omelette or just serve it up on the side.

Don’t feel like making it yourself?  Try our Southwestern spring rolls made with chorizo, poblano, and chihuahua cheese.


It’s not just for shooters on a Saturday night.  Tequila is a massively overlooked alcohol when it comes to brunch.  Not everybody is into bubbles, and some people just can’t do vodka.  Pay no attention to the misconception that tequila is only good for margaritas.  A good, smooth tequila can change the way you think of brunch beverages.

Shake it up with some fresh vegetable juice, a few jalapeno slices, and a dash of habanero.  You’ll have yourself a Bloody Maria - a Southwestern version of the brunch classic, only with more flavor.

Not a bloody mary person?  Top tequila with freshly squeezed orange juice and a tangerine for a Southwestern mimosa!


Dulce de Leche
Brunch is about indulgence - rich and sometimes sinful flavors that relax the mind and seduce the tastebuds.  Brunchers with a sweet tooth or palette for decadence go for that silky melted butter, sticky fresh syrup, or sprinkle of powered sugar.  Bump up your brunch to elite status with Dulce de Leche - a creamy ingreedient made by caramelizing sugar and milk.

Skip the cream for your coffee and go for a Dulce de Leche liquor.

Looking to go out for brunch?  Try our nut crusted texas toast stuffed with caramelized bananas and Dulce de Leche syrup.


Happy Brunching!

The Masa Team